Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Love Story

Making an engagement ring can easily become stressful and nerve racking.  Strict timelines, hazy concepts and the fact that I'm responsible for pleasing two parties; the proposer whom often has no idea what the proposee is pining for, and the (hopefully) soon to be fiance who usually has a very clear vision of the perfect moment with the perfect ring.

Luckily for me, I recently had the chance to make a wonderful ring for dear friends that included none of the above dilemmas. 

John, who works on the San Francisco Bay, came to me with idea of using coral somehow to create a "lace-like" engagement ring.  I instantly thought of using a sea-fan to create an interesting pattern for the band.   I used an actual piece of coral, made a mold into which I injected wax.  I then took the wax and sculpted the band of the ring which was cast in white gold.  I selected a 1/3 ct stunningly cut, clean and white sparkler which I bezel set and sunk into the band.  

Serena, an amazing graphic designer, obviously has a great eye for design.  I thought she would appreciate the nod to nature in a subtle and interesting way.  The result was a totally unique, organic ring that also reads as somewhat architectural and modern.

The proposal went down at one of the couple's monthly "movie nights" held in the backyard of their SF home.  I was honored to be in the audience as the sailor man crouched on bended knee and asked his fair maiden for her hand in marriage, to which she said YES!

  The ring in wax prior to casting 


vega said...

That ring is absolutely phenominal! You're a star....

Alexis Romeo Jewelry said...

Sarah, this is beautiful! :) How's everything going?

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