Wednesday, March 23, 2011

web love wednesday!

Hey you city-dwellers, you'll surely appreciate the design blog loving. living. small.

The idea is to encourage living with style in small spaces under 1,000 sf. As the proud owner of a petite bungalow in a city, I know first hand how valuable space is. Sometimes I wish there was just a few hundred more square feet or an extra room, but for the most part, I truly do love living small. The things you acquire cannot just be things any longer. They have to be functional, important, or really, really cool.

I also believe (commence preaching) that living with less is better for everyone. What if we all moved into existing homes instead of building bigger, newer ones? What if we needed less to furnish and fill these houses? What if we used less to heat and light them? Less blight, less stuff, less waste of precious energy.

Ok, I'm done. Pretty Pictures.

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