Tuesday, May 10, 2011

easy, lucky, free

If my boyfriend had it his way, I think we'd up and travel the world like nomads until we were old and gray. While I share this sentiment, I also desire to grow my business which I think would be nearly impossible without a studio and an address.
Lately he's been obsessing over getting a vintage VW camper bus and traveling our great nation instead. While I poo-pooed the idea at first (like I do most, it is my job as the female to crush all his boyhood dreams.) I came around as usual (king size bed, puppy, mulch in the backyard are other examples). Well, I guess I more than came around. All I've been thinking of lately is packing up and heading to the desert, or the beach or the mountains. Exploring all of California that I still haven't gotten the chance to. Craigslist and Ebay: prepared to be stalked by me until said 1968-1974 VW fixer is located.


Storm said...

this is so great!
i really love your blog... every post is fantastic and you have really great style!
I hope you'll pass by and follow too.

Ryan Birchall Photography said...

Matt just bought a slide in camper! Someday we will take it our towards you guys and it sleeps four, so we can venture out from Oakland too.

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos! :)
De Poulet

Clémentine said...

I love !!

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