Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my west coast self

Having grown up and lived my very young adult life in New England, the east coast forever has a hold on me. I have been living in Northern California for more than six years now and I have noticed my design sense changing and evolving because of it. I feel like I have dueling selves sometimes when it comes to how I design and what I'm drawn to. The good news is that style is a mash up of your personal inspiration (in my opinion) so I don't have to choose. However, I definitely have what I call "my west coast self" and "my east coast self," both of whom I will introduce you to. Today, meet west coast Sarah.

Bohemian, free, movement, temperate, tats, bikes, tacos, pho, kimchee, coffee, melting pot, mid-century, modern, cool, relaxed, slouchy, grunge, sunshine, breezy, braids, color, pattern, textile, flowing, lofty, grit, bright, casual, worn, leather, fringe, palm trees, tall trees, succulents, bungalow, anything goes, arts, crafts, designers, makers, innovators, do-ers, seekers...all together now. Love.

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