Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Age Of Aquarius

I'm pleased to announce that 7X7 Magazine showcased my Fishbone Bracelet in the February issue Fashion Trend layout! I feel honored to be on the same page as jewelry superstars Kathy Kamei and Melissa Joy Manning.

Editor Jaclyn Binder hit the nail on the head when she wrote that my bracelet ".... looks just as stunning with a T-shirt and jeans as it does with a dramatic cocktail dress."

To me, that is the ultimate compliment. When I design, I try to find that magical compromise between beautifully crafted art and wearable jewelry. Great jewelry should and can transcend clothing choices, time of day, event, age, and even personal style. I'm happy that others see that in my creations.

I live 90% of my life in jeans, boots, and t-shirts. The other 10% warrants a bit more effort. Either way, I wear my jewelry proudly. It is part of me-always.

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vega said...

I guess it's time for them to move over......there's a new Star in town!

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