Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lovely Linocuts

I've always enjoyed both practicing and admiring the art of printmaking. I must admit it's been far too long since i've had time to do anything creative besides making jewelry. Back in the day, I LOVED making linoleum block prints. The process is actually quite simplistic in theory, but how the techniques are applied allows the end results to vary greatly. I love local artist Rigel Stuhmiller's whimsical "Circus Troupe" prints. Check out how she makes them here.

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lawn king said...

I always love reading what you have to write. The words flow from you with such ease and are filled with passion. Most times I read what you have written it takes me to a different place and time wether it be in my own life or a story I have read or heard. Thank you for supplying me with those small escapes.

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