Sunday, May 23, 2010

Opposites Attract

I recently had a gallery owner suggest that I make my key chain necklace with an oxidized key and shiny chain instead of shiny key and oxidized chain. I obliged, and am in love with the results! Not only did it look really cool on its own and make the diamond stand out, but it immediately made me think.....layering! How great do both look together? I would go for three together hanging at varying lengths-oxidized, shiny, oxidized. Perfection!

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Raw Elements Jewelry said...

These are fantastic! Now you just need to get a piece on what Malcolm Gladwell would say in "The Tipping Point"->The Connectors. Connectors are the small percentage of our population that are social-lites, mavens, natural saleswomen. They go out and spread a great new design or concept to everyone they know!

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