Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Marin Store HEARTS Sarah Swell Jewelry!

The Marin Store showcased my romantically rough-and-tumble Shipwreck Heartbreaker Necklace in their two page magazine spread. Not a traditional heart jewelry kind of gal? Well then this is the piece for you! Cast from a piece of a washed ashore shipwreck, the heart is formed from "planks" and can feature diamonds if you'd so desire (who wouldn't). A true testament of love from a sailor man to his sweetheart back on dry land.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ring Envy

As a jewelry designer, I pay a lot of attention to what other jewelry designers are doing. I have been quite taken for quite some time with Israeli-born goldsmith Daphna Simon. The weighty luxury of Simon's 18 karat sculptural pieces is almost palatable.
I want them on me. Now, please.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Color of Love

Being a jewelry designer, I often wonder what my own engagement ring may look like. My man sure does have a lot to live up to, and knows very well that a mall store special simply will not do. I'm not saying that I need a big rock, or even a diamond at all, just something unique and stunning in its simplicity. Often times jewelry is like art; you can't put your finger on what makes it work, it just does.

This was the case recently when I was asked to design a non-traditional engagement ring. The client wanted something simple and ancient looking. Perhaps the most important part of this ring was finding the stone. The color we were going for was "the Atlantic ocean on an overcast day." Quite specific. When I came across this amazing Australian Sapphire, I knew it was perfect. The subdued blue/gray/green color would be amazing against the regal gold color of 18 karat. The result is so perfect in my eyes. Jewelry need not be complicated. In this instance, the beauty was in the marriage of perfect simplicity, amazingly harmonious color, and the meaning behind the chosen stone.

The proposal took place during a routine stroll along the pair's favorite beach on the rugged New England coast. She enthusiastically said "yes," and will forever have the memory of her special day captured in the sea-blue color of the stone.

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