Monday, May 31, 2010

A ring to commemorate...

In honor of a respected and revered career in the Coast Guard, I was commissioned to create this amazing coxswain ring. This ring is solid white gold and represents a mastery in boat handling and significant rank. The idea was to make the ring reminicent of a class ring in style, but more slim, sleek and wearable. I was so pleased with how this project turned out. It somehow feels old-school and current. I love the natural element with the waves and the nautical oars tied together with clean, modern lines. I must admit I worked on it for a LONG TIME, but managed to finish it just in time for Master Chief Jeffrey Smith's retirement. I can only hope that every time he glances at his hand, the ring properly recalls a career well worth noting.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Opposites Attract

I recently had a gallery owner suggest that I make my key chain necklace with an oxidized key and shiny chain instead of shiny key and oxidized chain. I obliged, and am in love with the results! Not only did it look really cool on its own and make the diamond stand out, but it immediately made me think.....layering! How great do both look together? I would go for three together hanging at varying lengths-oxidized, shiny, oxidized. Perfection!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Do The Wave

I had a little polishing machine accident last week, day of the Indie Awards, and ended up in the ER making sure my hand was *only* bruised and battered rather than broken. Good news-no broken bones! Bad news-missed the Awards and haven't been able to make jewelry.

I'm hoping to get back into the studio this Wednesday and start working on my stack of orders that is piling up.

On another note, check out these Wave Pendants! This was one of my first designs EVER! I had a dear old friend contact me and ask if I could resurrect this style to sell at a surf shop she merchandises. Yes, I said, of course. Here is the initial grouping of these sterling silver beauties. Some on chain, some on leather, some with a diamond, some without.

These will look perfect on a tan & toned surfer babe, or any ocean lover for that matter.

Catch them at Sick Day Surf Shop, or you can always place a special order....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

31 Hours

So, I'm slightly obsessed with all things pro Oakland. Most importantly art, food, community, renewal and revival. When the Oakland Museum Of California announced its' reopening party after renovation, I already wanted to attend. When I found out it would continue for 31 hours straight, was free to the public, and featured all kinds of special events (including a cell phone symphony performance) I was ecstatic. But surprised? No. Really, I wouldn't expect anything less from a cool museum, in a city on the verge, during a time where the possibility ahead is finally palpable.

Here are some images from the all new OMCA.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sample Sale Success

This past Saturday I participated in the Marin Store's Summer Sample Sale. Even though it was a perfect sunny 70 degree day, people couldn't resist a great shopportunity! There was an amazing mix of talented designers including the lovely Amy Nordstrom and her airy botanical jewels, Bryna Nicole's fabulous leather handbags, and Lia Kes innovative SF via NYC clothing designs.

My jewelry was a major hit! I sold my favorite piece: the sterling silver fishbone bracelet with 14k gold spine. Other popular items included my funky yet classic diamond flotsam & jetsam studs, and sterling silver and diamond weathered band.

Stay tuned for more upcoming Sarah Swell shopping events!

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